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Beautiful Pictures of Rain Photography

Watching a picture of rain or enjoying rain it self brings millions of thoughts to ones mind. It is such a view that one always relates it with his inner feelings and emotions. A happy person would like to dance in a rain or enjoy walking in the rain. And in case if he looks on a rain photography a smile will shine on his face followed by a spark in his eyes.

Creative Graffiti Street Art Examples

Graffiti street art has always been categorized as a liberal and bold art in which the painter has the liberty to express his thoughts and feeling through blending the colors of choice on the walls. Street art has been very much practiced since hundreds of years as the painters used to express their feelings, cultural events, political scenarios, economic conditions, sports and different social issues through the graffiti art of painting.

Random Pictures of Mood Photography

Every day of our life is full of emotions which are expressed in different moods through different expressions . Thus when ever there is a picture which is captured in order to capture a mood or which gives the feelings of the emotions hidden in that photograph this is very much categorized as mood photography. Mostly mood photography is done through taking random pictures from daily life and trying to reveal the emotions and the mood through different lightening and coloring effects.

35 Breathtaking Valentines Day Wallpaper

Since we’re just a few days into February 2012, this post looks at various Valentines Wallpapers to create the mood on your desktop too. Red hearts, red flowers are fairly common in valentine wallpapers. Other Valentines Day Wallpapers have cupids and hearts of various colors in them too.

40 Cool and Beautiful Music Wallpaper

A good music wallpaper is always a mood lifter as the song associated with it will always have some memories attached to it. However music wallpapers are not solely confined to a particular band or song. A cool wallpaper can include various music elements such as a music instrument or simple musical notes. A variety of beautiful wallpapers are easily available online giving all a vast range of choices to all those interested in them.

40 Stunning Examples of Black and White Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is an art which gives us a chance to have a look through the photographer’s eyes. It could be a colored portrait or it might be a black and white portrait depending upon the choice of photographer. However in my point of view the black and white portraits give a deeper insight into the picture and reveal the unsaid more deeply than the colored portraits.

40 Awesome 3D Street Art Paintings

There are no boundaries to the world of imagination. It starts with a flickering object in our minds and often ends up as a reflex action of our hands on the canvas. Yes very truly it’s the art of painting which gives life to the world of imagination and sprays colors to have a lively effect injected into a particular picture. Painting pictures is an art which can be very much considered as a most oldest art in it self as people have been painting pictures for since decades and eras and many of them have left mark in the history through the magic of their art of painting.

Amazing Pictures of Horses

All animals have got a single trait associated with them Panda with peace, Lions with courage; dogs with loyalty etc. But the only animal which has got a numerous extreme attributes associated with it are the horses. Just a glimpse on a beautiful pictures of horses will take you to another world of imagination depending upon the background and the posture the horse photo is taken.