Best Ways to Prepare for a Family Photoshoot

If you’re about to have a professional photoshoot at your Local Studios then you’ll want to do everything you can to prepare, making sure you get the best results possible. After all, there’s only so much that a photographer can do if you’ve arrived dressed in inappropriate clothes and don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some of the most important tips ensuring a smooth-sailing photography experience.


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General photography advice

Hair – the best time to get your hair cut before a shoot is around two weeks. This leaves time for anything you’re unhappy with and gives it chance to grow into style a little.

  • Hair accessories – be aware of factors like wind if you’re planning on shooting outdoors. Hair clips and bands are recommended to keep everything neat and tidy.
  • Glasses – generally speaking, contacts are preferable when having a photograph of you taken. It reduces the risk of things like glare. That said, you may be unrecognisable if you wear glasses all the time, so you’ll need to weigh up the differences.
  • Hangovers – This may seem obvious to some, but try not to get drunk the night before, it will be impossible to digitally remove all of your red-eye without it looking obviously fake. If you’re really proactive then try not drinking for a couple of weeks before the shoot. The fewer toxins you let in your body the healthier you and your skin will look.
  • Dry skin – this is another thing than can be difficult to digitally alter without reducing the photo quality. Make sure you have a good moisturiser that you use regularly in the run up to the photo. Things like scruffing lotions, toners and scrubs will all help, but depend on your time and financial commitment to making the photo look great.
  • Creased clothing – you don’t want them. Iron the night before so you have time to do it again in the morning if it isn’t right, and, if the top creases easily, change into it on arrival to avoid creasing in the car.

Family Specific

  • Dad – fairly basic stuff for you. Shave, polish, neat hair, smile.
  • Mum – You’re probably co-ordinating the whole things, but things worth thinking about are simple jewellery to avoid bits snagging and twisting, and go for long or ¾ length sleeves unless you’re very slim to make the photo flattering.
  • Kids – Mainly make sure they haven’t thrown chocolate over themselves prior to the photo. Other than that, think about coordination. Nothing to regime-like, but enough to unify the photo with what you’re wearing.

Baby specific

  • Plan the shoot to be in the best time around their naps or feeding time. That way you’re less likely to have an impromptu tantrum.

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