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25 Great Business Card Designs

Forget everything you once knew about business cards! Give up all old conventional notions of creating business links! Everything you once knew about boring old business cards is about to be challenged. Explore the limitless possibilities of business card designs in our post today as we unravel to you the greatest achievements in the world of printing and visual communication.

10 Firefox Extensions Every Designer Should Know

There are very rare designers who doesn’t use Mozilla Firefox in fact it’s very popular among professional web designers and developers. It is just because of its large library of extensions that makes a happy user experience. Also it makes your workflow quicker and productive.

Rack Card Design

25 Inspiring Rack Card Designs

Rack cards are perhaps one of the most convenient ways of advertising, and also one of the more efficient ones too. Not only are they in a handy, rectangle, easy to keep shape, but they can be used to give a lot of information to potential customers. With pictures and contact information they are an instant hit for growing enterprising businesses, no matter what field they belong to.

25 Web Form Design PSD Templates

Every website has a web form. Most of them have a search form, login form, contact form, feedback form, sign up form or quotation form. These are very important items in any website and you should try to design them as well as you can. If you have a good website but the web form is ugly, you risk losing your visitors as they will be put off by the bad design.

150+ Beautiful Web Design Patterns

Patterns play a big role in web design. Designers usually use them to fill up big area, such as website backgrounds. Patterns just make their website more professional and attractive. Here we have collected a bunch of web design patterns which are just perfect for you.