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Mirrored Twins Icons Set

Mirrored Twins Icon Set

We love to share with you high quality resources and here is a new outstanding freebie – Mirrored Twins icon set. Enjoy the 94 icons that come in two versions – the hollow and full one. It does not take much experience within the web development industry to fully appreciate the numerous elements that are encompassed within every design project. Any opportunity to make the processes simpler and faster is always welcomed generously.

Vintage iOS UI Kit

If you’re a designer, one of the most persistent issues that you likely deal with is coming up with UI elements for projects. You might’ve looked around the web for options as far as free UI kits go, but I’m willing to bet that you were pretty disappointed with everything that you found.

30 Free High Resolution Grunge Texture

When various dirty, unpleasant and gruesome textures combine together a beautiful texture “grunge texture” is formed. By beautiful I don’t mean you will fall in love with it or cute, but you will definitely make up your mind to use it on your design project. There is something in grunge texture which attracts designers around the world to use this on their respective design projects.

15 New Free Icon Sets From Dribbble

Today we bring you a very useful and new collection of free icon sets from dribbble. We feel that these free icon sets will definitely take place in your design library. This pack will help you creating user interfaces, web designs or mobile apps. Hope you will find these icons useful. Enjoy!

65+ Free Mini Web Icons Set

You are about to visit any website or a web application, can you imagine the web page without any mini icons or mini web icons. Mini icon sets are being found in almost all web site or web applications where they not only add to the functionality of the website by it plays a great role in adding up to the beauty and the over all look of the web page.

Free One Page Resume Templates

The most important document of yours which you are about to design is your one page resume and here we are to help you with some of useful tips to prepare one page resume. Have a look on some of one page resume template which would definitely add value to your resume as these resume template have been selected to highlight the key features which should be incorporated in a resume whenever one has to prepare it .

59 Useful Business Card Templates

In our daily life we come across many people every day who are there to meet us for the first time or whom we are about to meet for the first time . So in any case what would be the first thing we usually do after greeting and exchanging friendly smiles? Right your business cards, provided if you have them ready with you in your card holder.

25 Web Form Design PSD Templates

Every website has a web form. Most of them have a search form, login form, contact form, feedback form, sign up form or quotation form. These are very important items in any website and you should try to design them as well as you can. If you have a good website but the web form is ugly, you risk losing your visitors as they will be put off by the bad design.