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Awesome Sand Sculptures

Sand sculptures are very much similar to the art of painting as both of them are human hand crafted creations created with the love of emotions inserted through magic of fingers . While passing by the sea shore yesterday I came across some awesome sand sculptures which really made me stop for a while and ponder how come a human hands can craft such a beauty in the form of sand sculptures.

Creative Graffiti Street Art Examples

Graffiti street art has always been categorized as a liberal and bold art in which the painter has the liberty to express his thoughts and feeling through blending the colors of choice on the walls. Street art has been very much practiced since hundreds of years as the painters used to express their feelings, cultural events, political scenarios, economic conditions, sports and different social issues through the graffiti art of painting.

40 Awesome 3D Street Art Paintings

There are no boundaries to the world of imagination. It starts with a flickering object in our minds and often ends up as a reflex action of our hands on the canvas. Yes very truly it’s the art of painting which gives life to the world of imagination and sprays colors to have a lively effect injected into a particular picture. Painting pictures is an art which can be very much considered as a most oldest art in it self as people have been painting pictures for since decades and eras and many of them have left mark in the history through the magic of their art of painting.