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Using Effective Images for your Website

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This popular saying has been around for years, and it still holds true for building an effective website. While text grabs the attention of major search engines like Google and Bing, but a well-placed picture grabs the attention of your human visitors.

Web Design Guidelines

Guidelines for a Creative Web Design

Creating a website is very easy now-a-days. There are plenty of templates available using which you can build a website on your own within minutes. But is your website efficient enough to attract potential visitors? Are you able to gain sufficient new visitors regularly? If not, it’s time for you to bring in the creativity factor.

Top Tips For Revamping A Website

Top Tips For Revamping A Website

Every website will occasionally need a buff up. As the whole point of a cost effective online presence is to spend as little as possible, using a free website builder is an excellent way to save money when in the start-up phase. But even when your business is on a more solid footing, there is no benefit to spending time and money redesigning your site from scratch if you can help it.

White Space: A Secret of Successful Web Designing

White Space: A Secret of Successful Web Designing

In web designing the white space refer to the clear space that is present between the content, designs, typography and other elements of the website. While designing a website the developer should give equal weight to the white space along with the other elements of the webpage. A clutter free website is extremely important for holding the viewers attention and engaging them with it.

Facebook eCommerce Website

Top 12 Essential Extensions to Improve your eCommerce Website

The reason why magento is preferred by majority of eCommerce users as it offers flexibility, easy to use and wide range of options to build an shopping cart website. If you browse Magento commerce extensions database, you will notice that the number of free and premium extensions available for Magento are endless.

Website Development Company

29 Beautiful Examples of Website Development Company

Are you going to start web design business and want to look at your competitors? In today’s post we bring you 29 beautiful examples of website development company. After looking at below collection you will find out how others are marketing themselves and what they are offering to their clients. We hope this post will give you an idea how you can play a part into web design business.

50+ Free and Premium Corporate WordPress Themes

Well looking for a WordPress theme! a theme for a business page? or a corporate WordPress theme? or may be newspaper theme? You must be wondering why all of a sudden most people are looking for the WordPress themes irrespective of the industry they belong to. Whether they belong to a corporate sector or an interior design firm, a 7 star hotel or a newspaper, all of them find their needs commonly addressed when they browse through the WordPress themes available online.