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Usability Testing Tools To Have a Bigger and Better Web Presence

Tried of those usability issues that keep plaguing your eCommerce Software or website and you are just unable to fix them no matter how hard you may try? Do not go crazy. This is common issue of every designer around and as you are creaking under the pressure of workload, it is virtually impossible for you to give the usability factor as much attention as it deserves.

30 Creative and Unique Website Footer Examples

While I was googling couple of days back I very much noticed that many of the websites viewed had a very eye-catching layout and wonderfully designed patterns in the web page but the thing which very much inspired me were the website footer design. Website footers were so much creatively designed that provided a very beautiful artistic ending to the website. So Today, I will be sharing with you some very nicely designed website footer examples which will further give you the feel of perfectly designed website footers.

Open Source Web Design Resources and Tips

While there are a myriad of applications and platforms available for web design, there is no denying the advantages and flexibility of open source web design apps. They are preferred by millions of web design professionals worldwide over costlier commercial apps.

Search, Social and Design – How to Club them 

Slowly designers have woke up to the reality that there is no way to ignore SEO, at least the basics of it and it sounds really great for all website owners who were so far struggling to make the designers see the marketing side of thing. Design that flouts basic SEO principles are no longer going to make a cut in the online industry as almost every client is willing to go an extra mile to increase the visibility of their websites and they even do not mind having some rough around the edges for that.

27 Interesting and Unusual Websites

Today we bring a list of interesting and unusual websites which has no 2 columns, 3 columns or 4 columns layouts. In-fact, these are creative websites which are beautifully designed and well manipulated with ideas, colors, objects, elements and fonts. Purpose of this post is not only to get inspiration this will also help you to improve your design skills and understand the latest web design trends.

10 Firefox Extensions Every Designer Should Know

There are very rare designers who doesn’t use Mozilla Firefox in fact it’s very popular among professional web designers and developers. It is just because of its large library of extensions that makes a happy user experience. Also it makes your workflow quicker and productive.

25 Web Form Design PSD Templates

Every website has a web form. Most of them have a search form, login form, contact form, feedback form, sign up form or quotation form. These are very important items in any website and you should try to design them as well as you can. If you have a good website but the web form is ugly, you risk losing your visitors as they will be put off by the bad design.

150+ Beautiful Web Design Patterns

Patterns play a big role in web design. Designers usually use them to fill up big area, such as website backgrounds. Patterns just make their website more professional and attractive. Here we have collected a bunch of web design patterns which are just perfect for you.