Guidelines for a Creative Web Design

Creating a website is very easy now-a-days. There are plenty of templates available using which you can build a website on your own within minutes. But is your website efficient enough to attract potential visitors? Are you able to gain sufficient new visitors regularly? If not, it’s time for you to bring in the creativity factor.

Creativity is what matters the most in Web design. It makes your website stand out from the rest of the millions of other sites. A website, in order to make an ever-lasting first impression, must be creative, unique and appealing to visitor’s eyes. It’s the job of designers to come up with creative and innovative designs for websites to attract visitors online.

Here are some guidelines for designers which will help in building a creative website:

Give up the Design Tradition

Guidelines for a Creative Web Design

If you want to come up with something exceptionally creative, do not follow the same old design customs. Give up the design traditions that you were following so far and start making designs from scratch. Come up with fresh ideas and innovative designs. Make a free hand drawing of your design thoughts initially. As a designer, you need to bring your creativity to the canvas first before actually building a website.

Never Have Inspiration


It is common for every designer to look up various templates available online to get some inspiration before starting a project. But, remember that inspiration kills creativity. If you are bound by the available designs, you would not be able to come up with unique ones of your own. So, it is better not to look out for any Web design inspiration anywhere. Start with your own ideas and gradually develop your design without any boundaries.

Offer Creative Design Elements


The foremost aim of any website is to attract customers at first sight. Hence, it is necessary to impart creativity even in the small buttons and icons you use on your site. Show some innovation in the way you display your graphical elements on the site. Do not put up the same controls that others use. Create your own intuitive icons and design elements to make your site stand out.

Use Innovative Content


Content plays a predominant role in creative Web design. Content not only refers to the information you put up on the site but also the words that you use on your controls and navigation buttons. Introduce a bit of creativity in the content of the graphical elements. Utilize appropriate fonts with the buttons. Make use of images having different shades and effects to grab the attention of visitors.

Sharpen Your Skills


Continuous learning opens up wide opportunities. Web designers must learn the latest design technologies and techniques to improve their skills. As a Web designer, you often need to try out something new. Constant learning helps you explore new possibilities of Web design methodologies. Hence, learn something new whenever possible.

Designing a creative website is a challenging task. It involves a lot of open-mindedness and understanding of evolving Web design trends. But the true purpose of a site can be fulfilled only by the immense efforts that go into creating it.

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