27 Interesting and Unusual Websites


Today we bring a list of interesting and unusual websites which has no 2 columns, 3 columns or 4 columns layouts. In-fact, these are creative websites which are beautifully designed and well manipulated with ideas, colors, objects, elements and fonts. Purpose of this post is not only to get inspiration this will also help you to improve your design skills and understand the latest web design trends.

Take a look at the below list and get inspired with these cool websites.

unzip the web

Portfolio Display

web design war

Web Design

Botany Web Design

garden web design

College, University, School Web Layout Design

Kids Forum Website Design

web design studio

art gallery web design

under water web

shipping web design

design on a card

design in the grass

collage of objects

paint and books template

wood portfolio

interior design and layout

game webdesign template

people on the world globe

Rock On Website Template

notepad web template

photography template

switch design

food web design

beautiful web design