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Beautiful Collection of Raphael Paintings

Raphael sanzio paintings are known to be the most loved and renown paintings of his time. Raphael paintings belong to period of Renaissance movement when the concept of rebirth was at its peak. If you have a look on Raphael famous paintings you will find almost all of them presenting the same ideology of Renaissance in all possible ways.

Pablo Picasso Famous Paintings

Pablo Picasso is known to be the most famous artist, sculptor and painter who belonged to Spain and has left a huge collection of his artistic touches. Picasso paintings are known to be among the worlds most famous and loved piece of art and the collection of Picasso famous paintings are very much viewed around the world by going to the galleries, museums or through using the electronic media.

21 Amazing Photos of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography is a kind of photography in which very beautiful artistic touch is given through manipulation of the object through lens in such a manner that it gives the feel of miniature photography. Tilt-shift photos are often taken from angle at height mostly in the air so that it creates an illusionary effect of looking down at a miniature model. Here is a good collection of some amazing tilt-shift pictures that would further elaborate the concept of tilt-shift photography.

30 Creative and Unique Website Footer Examples

While I was googling couple of days back I very much noticed that many of the websites viewed had a very eye-catching layout and wonderfully designed patterns in the web page but the thing which very much inspired me were the website footer design. Website footers were so much creatively designed that provided a very beautiful artistic ending to the website. So Today, I will be sharing with you some very nicely designed website footer examples which will further give you the feel of perfectly designed website footers.

Open Source Web Design Resources and Tips

While there are a myriad of applications and platforms available for web design, there is no denying the advantages and flexibility of open source web design apps. They are preferred by millions of web design professionals worldwide over costlier commercial apps.

50 Mind-Blowing Examples of High-Speed Photography

High-speed photography is the art of taking high-speed photos with the help of your professional camera which can capture the high-speed pictures by captivating all the deepest effects and the details of the object while moving in the highest speed of it.

Inspiring Wall Sticker Art

In today’s modern world of art and colors wall art is considered as the most eye-catching piece of art. Walls have been decorated by different paint techniques for so long but since 2005 the very much enchanting form of wall art is the wall sticker art which is very commonly known now days as wall stickers.

25 Beautiful and Amazing Minimalist Movie Posters

The first idea which comes to your mind on reading the word minimalist movie posters or minimal movie posters is the concept of some thing minimum or small. So you are not much far away from the actual concept which is basically to catch the real idea hidden in the movie and to portray it by designing a set of minimum objects on the screen which give the real idea or the main concept of the movie.