Representing Business Membership

Business membership can mean one of two things. Firstly, it can mean the representation of members associated with your business; for example, members of a restaurant business, members of a hotel business or members of any institution that represents what your business is about. Business membership can also signify a body that represents the staff in your business, which can prove to be very useful for international meetings, and public or private representations. Regardless of what way you take business membership to mean in regards to your own personal entrepreneurship, it’s important to take into account how you represent such a membership. The following are three ways of effectively doing just that.

Representing Business Membership

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Possibly the most effective way of representing business membership, incentives can be a great way of thanking your customers and/or staff for their dedication to your company. There are incentives that represent a variety of business types and budgets, and can be as small as business pens and stationary, right up to more grand gestures such as the provision of membership to a tennis club or reward cards. There are many classic incentive systems in place in some of the world’s most successful businesses, such as the classic “purchase 5 coffees, get your sixth one free” or salary packages that include a company car and phone. Whatever your incentive choice, weigh up their value with the impact such incentives will have upon your staff, your customers or business members, and your business as a whole.


This can of course be incorporated with incentives, making it a double-edged sword! Branding is so important in any business, and really speaks miles about the type of company, product or service you’re trying to represent. Did you know the colour blue has been associated psychologically with the establishment of websites, hence its use in the logo for Internet Explorer, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites and web systems? Thinking about the type of branding associated with the genre or type of business you’re in is so important. Communicating that in simple, yet effective ways, is just as important. For example, if blue is the colour associated with your business, why not have your employees wear blue lanyards that are imprinted with your business logo and catchphrase? Having your staff wear printed lanyards can help with business branding, and is just a simple example of communicating branding effectively and representing membership in a business.


Incorporating both your staff and your customers into your business membership can be communicated most effectively through advertising. You can communicate both your branding and your incentives this way, along with a variety of any other information you might want to depict. Perhaps your business membership requires meetings; if so, why not communicate them in an advertisement framed with your business’s brand? Perhaps you’ve released an incentive for signed up membership – advertisement to the rescue! Advertising is just another way of displaying a positive brand and business image, and should be utilized wherever possible, and for as many reasons as possible.

Remember, representing business membership can transform the visibility of what such a membership encompasses, and can really have a great impact on the visage of your business. Make use of the above three pointers and watch business membership soar, no matter what format it comes in.

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