Reviewing the Most Popular Stock Images on Depositphotos

As one of digital photos and images agencies, Depositphotos always provides its customers with well selected photos and images on their website. That effort is also supported by the selection of some professional contributors/artists which have made Depositphotos as one of their best ways to promote themselves and also their works.

Reviewing the Most Popular Stock Images on Depositphotos

More than 100 thousand images are added every week in this website. Like it was mentioned before, that number of images is not added haphazardly because all images included in this website’s library are carefully selected. It is always interesting to know what kind of image is popular in this kind of website which in fact also provides best images. Pointing out best of the best work is not an easy job especially in the world of art. However, we still can see what categories are the most popular stock images, thanks to the feature of this website which allows its visitors to find them in a single click. From the “View” menu on the bottom of this website, you can select “Most Popular” to search see what the people really like here.

Reviewing the Most Popular Stock Images on Depositphotos

From the page you see, both of us can guess that most of the visitors of this website are MALE. Yes, most of the displays in the “Most Popular” page here are photos and images of sexy and half naked woman, or images of other sexual things. Fortunately things are quite normal here, or we can say that those kinky photos displayed are not too vulgar; but be careful because it is still unsafe for your children, especially if you turn off the adult filter / safe search option.

According to those Depositphotos stock photography and their keywords, seems that the keywords “adult”, “girl”, “sexy”, and “woman” are included in the most searched words in this website (or I must say also on the whole internet). However, if you see it carefully, these girls photos displayed in Depositphotos are high quality and very artistic. These photos are created for specific purpose and are created for aiming particular type of buyers for example the producers of underwear, bikinis, or fashion goods.

Besides sensual girls in graceful poses, the category of “Most Popular” in Depositphotos also has other types of pictures, such as calendar, vector, pattern, background, illustration, and non-sexual photos. Actually, you can also check the “Popular Keywords” from the same “View” menu on the bottom page. The link will take you to the list of most stock images popular keywords searched in this website. Of course, this page will be very useful for the contributors who want to raise their sale by providing high demanded images.


In conclusion, the best of best from the Most Popular Stock Images in Depositphotos are the images related to women and their “appeal.” It is quite reasonable because everyone agrees that woman is the most beautiful thing in the world.

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