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Cool Photos of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is mostly known to be a kind of photography where the pictures of the objects on the ground is being taken from a platform above the ground in the air. Hence we can say that aerial photos are most of the time taken from an elevated platform in the air thus the camera is not clamped in the ground rather is hanging some where in the air with some support.

50 Mind-Blowing Examples of High-Speed Photography

High-speed photography is the art of taking high-speed photos with the help of your professional camera which can capture the high-speed pictures by captivating all the deepest effects and the details of the object while moving in the highest speed of it.

35 Adorable Funny Cats Pictures

Many people have a great collection of cat cute pictures and funny picture of cat. As not only having a real cat as a pet makes you smile due to its funny nature rather if we have look on a funny cat picture it will still make us smile and for a moment makes us feel very light.

Cool Pictures of Abstract Photography

The beauty of abstract is that any thing can be pictured and categorized as an abstract photograph. Nothing is considered as right or wrong in this art of photography.Thus to sum it up the art of abstract photography is a kind of liberal art which is not entangled within the chain of rules, there are no rules at all in abstract photography.