21 Amazing Photos of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography is a kind of photography in which very beautiful artistic touch is given through manipulation of the object through lens in such a manner that it gives the feel of miniature photography. Tilt-shift photos are often taken from angle at height mostly in the air so that it creates an illusionary effect of looking down at a miniature model. Here is a good collection of some amazing tilt-shift pictures that would further elaborate the concept of tilt-shift photography.

Photography is an art through which a photographer always comes up with something creative by picturing the objects from special angle. The concept of tilt-shift photography seemed to be a very scientific topic initially but on further research it seemed to be a very soft art by blurring the background effect and focusing the focus object from a distance. On having a look on tilt-shift photography it enhanced the feelings of emotions in me by experiencing the flare of fantasy reflected in tilt-shift photos.

Tilt-shift photos are often captured by using the technique of tilt-shift lenses in order to overcome the restrictions of the depth which cannot be avoided through normal lenses. In this technique basically you are using two types of movement of lens. Firstly, the rotation of the lens relative to the image plane which is known as tilt and secondly the lens movement in parallel to the plane of image known as shift.

Here we have collected some real breath-taking amazing photos of tilt-shift photography. Try to use this concept in your photography and add an additional value to your collection.

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