Top 12 Essential Extensions to Improve your eCommerce Website

The reason why magento is preferred by majority of eCommerce users as it offers flexibility, easy to use and wide range of options to build an shopping cart website. If you browse Magento commerce extensions database, you will notice that the number of free and premium extensions available for Magento are endless. There are Extensions which help you improve your online shopping website, such as integrate Facebook Connect magento, Onestepcheckout to web Store conversion, display your products page via facebook this extension and much more. With that in mind we have compiled a list of top 12 essential extensions that serve a variety of purposes, and help even the most seasoned magento professional or a newbies. So whether you want to improve your magento webstore, move your site to a new domain with ease, or just make your site a little bit more user-friendly then this post is for you.

1. Blog

eCommerce Website Extensions

If you already run an eCommerce site and using Monk_Blog extension for your store’s blog, this blog extension will help integrate all information from your old blog into new one.

2. One Step Checkout


This Module allows the customers checkout process much easier on your webstore. When they are buying in Shopping cart page that module fill help to reduce unwanted checkout process by One Page Checkout.

3. Facebook Shopping Cart


Want to interact Social shopping via Facebook. This extension will allow you to take your product to millions of Facebook users and thereby increases the volume of sales.

4. Google Maps Store Locator


With this extension, help customers locate your stores, dealers, distributors, products or services. You can configure it by simply entering latitude and longitude of Google Maps and the store locations.

5. Canonical URL’s for Magento


If you are facing canonical issue’s on your store this plugin will helps to create SEO-friendly web pages. It used to avoid the address canonical issues at anytime.

6. Advanced Sitemap


Advanced Sitemap allows you can display all of your existing Catalog Categories, Products, CMS Pages and additional configurable links with a hierarchical structure SEO optimized for web spiders on a single Site.

7. Social Login


Social login is an excellent magento extension which allows your users to login using social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo!. This extension generates more exposure when users login and sign up with magento and helps your store gain more popularity via social media. Another best thing with this extension is, it supports multi-languages.

8. Follow-up Emails


The Email extension is best way to enhance your liaison with your customers. This powerful auto-responder tool will help you build customer relationship that keeps your site in the customer’s mind always.

9. Checkout Newsletter


This is great module will helps to telling your customers about new promotions and discounts. checkout newsletter functionality which allows the store administrators to send newsletters to clients who are subscribed to them. Make sure the module will expand your magento community.

10. Magento Live Chat


The extension lets provide LiveChat support in Magento. You can also use 30 days free trial with all features ready to use, It can provide useful information about transformation rate

11. PDF Customiser


PDF customiser is great way that’s looks like of PDF prints-outs to your store generates. It alos comes in more than 20 PDF customization options in the magento back-end.

12. Exploded menu


This magento extension lets you use single column dropdown, with this module support multi-column dropdown. It is very good for your website if your website have many categories and subcategories.

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