Types of Advertising That Appeals

Nowadays there are numerous different types of advertising techniques which are being used in order to grab the maximum consumer market share. Customers whether they are the end users, consumers, business men or what so ever every one is being captivated through variety of types of advertisements. In today’s topic we will be sharing some mostly used types of advertising which are often used by majority of companies in order to get the best customer response in no time. Almost all kinds of advertisements being noticed by us in a way or other belong to one of these categories.

You will find lots of advertisements in the form of printed versions or may be as a multimedia presentation on the screens. You might find some popping up in your mobile inbox or may be in your email inbox as well. Some of these advertisement belong to the advertising techniques that are being used since ages where as the recent one are the gift of the emerging technology which has made the reach to the customers far easier than before.

Print Advertising

Any advertisement which is found in a newspapers or a magazine or in the form of a poster, brochure or a flier is categorized as print advertisement. Though it is an electronic era and online adverts are being published very frequently even than print media has never lost its market share as its authenticity is still the point that counts a lot. You will still find a lot of advertisement of products and their special offers being advertised in magazines, almost 45% of the magazine contents are that of advertisements of different products, they might be consumables, medicines, clothing, fashion, events, etc.

Broad Casting or Media Advertising

All advertisement being found on the television or being caught on radio frequency are categorized as media advertisements. It has been the most expensive mode of advertisement to date and the second oldest method of advertisement. But no doubt it is the most effective form of advertisement as it gets the penetration to every corner in no time irrespective of area or the development level of the audience. It is such a technique that affect the audience of all age group , you will find the toddlers dancing on the advertisement and the old men also remember the offers being advertised on the television or being heard in radio. As the eye sight and the hearing sense is being used simultaneously in such techniques thus it has a greater impact on human memory as compared to any other form of advertisement.

Outdoor Advertising

Advertisement found in the form of billboards, Kiosk activities or events like trade shows all are being categorized as outdoor advertising. Cost incurred to conduct these activities may vary according to the scales on which these activities are to be conducted however, what ever it might cost it is far cheaper than the media advertisements. However the impact of such outdoor advertising is for a very short duration and upon a very limited audience who were able to watch these advertisement in that short span of time.

Online Advertising

You must be receiving a number of new products offers on your mobile set every day and probably thousands of products adverts popping up while you are working on your internet applications. Well I categorized the mobiles phone advertisements and internet advertisement as online mode of advertisements. These forms of advertisements are the gifts of the new era for  the marketing departments as by incurring minimum expense the companies are able to penetrate into the maximum potential customer base provided that the target market are the one who are very frequent users of mobiles and internet.


As we have almost mentioned the most appealing forms of advertisements being used recently to attract the maximum customer platform. We can safely say that each of the above mentioned advertisement techniques or modes have got its pros and cons but ultimately all of them help the business men to achieve the higher market share in the market and survive in the competition. However, the clue behind the success of any marketing campaign is to select the right mode of advertisement for the specific product, for example the goal which can be achieved through a trade show is completely different from the one which will be achieved through radio advertisement. Hence for the success of any advertisement it is very crucial to select the right type of advertising  for that specific product and this can be done by individually analyzing the success factors of these modes and kind of target market to be attracted through these advertising methods.

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