Vintage iOS UI Kit

If you’re a designer, one of the most persistent issues that you likely deal with is coming up with UI elements for projects. You might’ve looked around the web for options as far as free UI kits go, but I’m willing to bet that you were pretty disappointed with everything that you found. Most of those kits aren’t made to professional standards, they don’t have enough elements in them to flush out an entire professional project and, if the client happens not to like them, it means you’re back to square one, looking for another solution for the same problem that should have already been dealt with.

Vintage iOS UI Kit

PixelKit will not only take care of whatever issues you might be having with any given site, it has the potential to take care of any issues you might have with any conceivable site. It does is based on flexibility. Today PixelKit team shares with us a gret looking freebie – Vintage iOS mobile kit.

This iPhone UI kit include eight impressive screens that would help you create a nice looking application. Here you will find insipiring design for your new mobile application. The Vintage iOS freebie kit is simple to implement and instantly creates a very sleek and professional feel.

Many of the web UI kits out there have, to put it charitably, less than professional quality graphics. Not only does PixelKit include high-quality graphics, those graphics are all scalable. This means that you can adjust them to whatever size you need to suit any particular site that you might be working on. If you are using an outsourced designer, it’s likely that having these modifications made could cost you a lot of money; maybe even enough to make the profit margin shrink a great deal.


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