White Space: A Secret of Successful Web Designing

In web designing the white space refer to the clear space that is present between the content, designs, typography and other elements of the website. While designing a website the developer should give equal weight to the white space along with the other elements of the webpage. A clutter free website is extremely important for holding the viewers attention and engaging them with it.

Enhances aesthetic value of the website

White Space: A Secret of Successful Web Designing

The designers should aim at building an orderly website with as much as less distraction as possible. This will help the readers to focus on the important sections of the website. Thus having some blank space in the different webpage is extremely important. The designers must bear is mind that the white space in between the different element of the website can be of any color. The use of white space makes the website appear beautiful, modest and clean.

Enhances readability of the website


Abundance of white space in a webpage helps the visitors to read the content of the website without straining his or her eyes. When content is set against a background containing a lot of pictures and patterns, it will distract of the readers and thus impede the traffic of the website. On the contrary abundance of white space will help the readers to relate to the content and thus enhance the sales of the brand from its online presence.

Use correct format


The designers should correctly format the content uploading area. They should leave a lot of white space in between the different lines and the spacing between the words should also be appropriate. The application of these techniques helps in making the content of the website bold and beautiful. Along with the white space it is also important to choose an appropriate font in the content. Extremely small font and large white space is also not desirable as the readers would not be able to read the content of the website. Therefore, it is duty of designer to maintain equilibrium between the white space and the size of the content to draw the attention of the designer.

Do not stuff


One of the important things that webmasters must remember is that the readers do not have interest in reading a lot of information. On the contrary they prefer informative, specific and crisp information. Therefore, developers should design the website accordingly and keep a lot of white space. It is best to adhere to the basics and apply as much less designs as possible. Use of creative graphics makes the websites attractive and engaging. These graphics can be created with the use of the graphic designing platforms like Photoshop Tutorials, Illustrator and other.

Importance of headers and margins


Margins and headers are also an integral part of the white space in a webpage. Therefore, while designing the template of the website the designers should pay due attention to leave a consistent space for the margin and header. Moreover the designer should also consider leaving a lot of space between the margin and the area where the content needs to be uploaded to get a clutter free webpage.

The use of the correct amount of white space ensures a clutter free and balanced template of a website. This will help the readers to focus on the content of the page and in turn increase the conversion rate from the website.

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The above article is written by Angie who is associated with many web designing agencies as their freelance writer and editor. In her free time, she writes articles related to wordpress, designing, html etc. For her latest work, please check this page: Custom WordPress Themes.

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